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Followed the tips…. That is great! So moist and satisfying. I have tried most of your recipes and they have never failed me Hi, I love this recipe but find it a bit too sweet? Thank you so very much for sharing your recipe, YAY! The brownies were phenomenal with whole wheat flour. I just made these and they’re delicious! Best for Brownies - Guittard Chocolate Unsweetened Cocoa Powder “Robust fudge-like flavor and full chocolate essence, bittersweet flavor, the best choice for making brownies.” Best Overall - Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder 100% Extra Brute Even people who usually prefer those chewy edges on brownies went nuts for these melt in your mouth ones. If I may be so bold to suggest when adding flour and cocoa do so by hand. Thank you so much for sharing and following along with me! What if I don’t have a baking sheet? Hi! Love that it’s a slightly less guilty recipe too. These were super good… but why did mine turn out so flat? Can you add chocolate chips into the batter? Thank you! It doesn’t have to be a PERFECT size; just a finer grind than regular, white sugar. • 115g cup unsalted butter, melted I used this and it worked really well, giving a natural chocolate taste. If for some reason, the button doesn’t work for you, leave a comment below, and I’ll email it to you. My oven tends to run to the cooler side of average (especially when I’m opening it every 2 minutes to test) and it ended up taking 27 minutes to get to the point where the toothpick came out “dirty” rather than goopy. Excellent melt in your mouth fudgy brownie. They don’t really rise…. We were so excited to make them we were kind of in a frenzy so maybe that’s what happened they were still delicious we were just hoping for more of a boxed brownie feel. Totally worth the double recipe though. (as to make it non-dairy). . In a large bowl stir the stevia and butter together until fully combined for about a minute. They turn out every time! Used a 8×8 pan but barely had enough mixture to coat the bottom all the way. Yes. the batter is delicious ? Follow the recipe. Confectioners sugar will completely throw off texture. XOXO. CANT WAIT TO TRY THESE. Thank you! Thanks for posting I was wondering about monk fruit! Thank you for reading my about page and getting to know me! One of the best yummy brownies re ipe! 2 eggs Hi, thought I posted something but can’t find it, apologies if this is a double up. Brownies are my all time baking love, and I’ve never been able to get them quite right until finding this site. Smelled so darn good baking, we couldn’t wait for them to cool off. Love these brownies! Volume/weight stays the same for the recipes. The second time they came out perfect! Must say- JUST RIGHT! Loved these! I made a single batch of these a week ago. Let me know how it turns out and what adjustments you used! Can I use brown sugar instead of the white granulated sugar? I am loving every bite! My colleagues love it and already asked fore more. I love cakey brownies, but these are so yummy! Glass dishes tend to get hotter on the bottom. Can whole wheat flour be used instead of all purpose? Co-workers love it-my new nickname is “Brownie”. Add espresso powder to make them more chocolatey. Way to go! Followed the recipe almost exactly- just used dark cocoa powder and had to use gluten free flour, plus my butter is salted. No mixer required, no melting of chocolate and butter, and no fuss. Made this recipe but used my home made cannabutter and they were delicious, lasted over a week in the fridge. Yes, my oven element is on the bottom. I added about a tsp of instant coffee to them. My 4 year old daughter and I are in love with these! Thanks. (well any dessert made from scratch). So unless you want a cake-like brownie, I wouldn’t add it. By Karina 673 Comments Filed Under: Cakes. Do you bake it on the bottom then? Im about tho make these what kinf of pan did you use? 1/2 cup almond flour XO. I will be making these for a long time coming, thank you so much! Cook Time. Please see the notes section in the recipe box . I also added about half a cup of shredded coconut to the brownies to add to the flavour of the coconut oil, and I think it tastes really good! Box brownies are not too bad;)!! I am so glad everyone is loving them!! Am from Singapore too and tried this yesterday! Easy to make and sooooo delicious. They didn’t last long :). • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract Yay for good brownies! I also melted some Nutella with the butter in the beginning to intensify the gooey-ness. I have not made them with whole wheat and I am not sure how they will hold up compared to all purpose flour. Thanks so much! Not sure what I’m doing wrong as I followed the recipe exactly. Prep Time. No, I wouldn’t recommend only brown sugar as it may affect the texture. (The horrors! Mine look absolutely nothing like the photos BUT these are amazing!! I made them tonight and I added peanut butter as well as walnuts which my family insisted that I add them … they are delicious. Confectioners sugar is completely different from superfine (caster) sugar. Thanks. I do have a flour less hazelnut brownie recipe here http://cafedelites.com/2015/08/20/fudgy-flourless-hazelnut-brownies/. Great recipe!!!! I’m in South Korea and ovens are not typically used, so I had to cut this recipe in half to fit my 6 inch pan for my tiny toaster oven. They weren’t as fudgy as the pictures (I have a feeling I overmixed) but they still turned out sooooo good!! Not at all! My hubby was gushing over these and I now have the recipe to keep his chocolate cravings satisfied. A 20 min bake worked well for me. ok so found this recipe and the comments were so great that it almost seemed fake but i tried it and honestly SOO DELICIOUS!!! ??? So gooey, chewy, and magical!!! first time to do brownies and the recipe is very good..i will probably cut the sugar to 1cup.. but 2 thumbs up to the recipe. I will definitely make it again! Thanks for the recipe, i really wanna make it for my birthday party . However they were a little bit too sweet for my liking . I am meeting with some friends downtown tomorrow though, so can I make “bite-size” ones in muffin pans and keep the crispy top and fudgy inside? Total Time. Made once, they were gone within that day. However, these were such a hit! But I want to make them non-dairy is it OK if I put margarine in it instead of butter? I browned the butter for deeper flavor, added one espresso shot, walnuts, and sea salt on top, and followed the tips/advice closely. After sharing a few slices, I swiftly hoarded the rest for my selfish little self. And do ignore “Todd”, he’s just being a troll. I’ll be making these more often than I should. I also did 1 cup of white sugar and 1/8 cup of brown sugar. My family is a big food critic but these brownies they all loved and there were no improvement suggestions. 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder Hello!!! These are out-of-the-park, spot on, best fudgiest brownies… EVER!!! Thanks so much for sharing and following along with me! Add the eggs and vanilla; beat until lighter in colour (another minute). Okay so this recipe was absolutely AMAZING! If you are looking for the perfect brownie recipe, this is the one! Such a simple recipe and I love that it’s all in one bowl! Gonna try again and prolly baked it for 15 mins this time around. Lovely brownies. I made these brownies just recently my whole family and I enjoyed them a lot! I’m still trying to figure out why mine came out super thin…. That is the easiest way to get the conversions correct. I sprinkled 1/4 cup of crushed walnuts over the top before baking, which put them over the top. And/or add a drop or two of peppermint oil to give variety. Have you doubled to fit in a 9×13 pan? I made them for easter and everyone told me that these are the best brownies they’ve every had, so thank you! Combine cocoa, baking powder, salt and ... pan. Thank you, Karina! soooooooooo good i made it at 11:52 they came out to great and fudgy. I accidentally doubled the amount of butter (read the recipe wrong) but it still turned out great other than being extra greasy, will have to try the recipe again!! Add the eggs and vanilla and beat until the batter turns a lighter color, at least another minute. Thank you! xxx. My mom found this recipe and gave it a try. Step 2: Stop being a helpless idiot Can i use buttercup instead of unsalted butter? These turned out SO good! I set the timer for 25 min and when I checked them they seemed kinda jiggly in the middle so I set the timer for 2 min longer. 1 tsp salt this is the best recipe on the internet for the yummiest brownies…. They are made weekly here. Is there any videos that i can look into? Perfect ooey gooeyness! Made them for a small group and everybody was impressed with the flavor and texture. Sift in the almond flour, cocoa, and salt. Please refer to STEP 2 in the recipe instructions (8-inch square baking pan). Love the crackly top! allrecipes.com/article/cup-to-gram-conversions Excellent recipe, just want to leave a note that mine are cooked perfectly, and maybe a bit over done, at 15 minutes exactly, it probably just depends on your oven, but make sure to check them way earlier than you expect just in case!! Thank you for a terrific recipe, satisfied every sweet tooth in my head! YUM! If you have made your brownies in an 8×8 pan, allow them to cool completely to room temperature before slicing into 16 squares. Outstanding brownie. So glad I gave them a try! Super fudgy and delightfu, with the perfect crackly crust on top. I don’t even like brownies but this is perfect, These are my absolute favorite homemade brownies and they usually have a short life span in my house. Looks so heavenly. im going to try this recipe during the circuit breaker LOL. It will change the texture and the taste of the brownies. I scooped and leveled my flour and cocoa. I find chocolate is not great for my skin (and also keeps me up, I’m oddly sensitive to it) but somehow cocoa seems to be fine so this recipe is great. I am glad that you like the brownies. Thanks, could you convert this to grams for me please as really want to make them !? Other recipes claim to be fudgy but they aren’t or they lack the good chocolate brownie flavor. Thanks. I found the sugar to chocolate ratio was a bit too much. Magnificent!! -15g oil They came out perfect. I’ve tried this recipe at least 5x this weekend and got nothing close to yours it comes up dry and caky. Enjoy your brownies! I want to make eggless one. My brownie fantasy wishes are permanently fulfilled. . Put it at 2nd rack, tho… but turns out perfect! I am going to try these with a few tbsp of black cocoa! Yes! -11g vanilla extract Prep. Are these brownies really made with only 1/2 cup of flour or am I reading it wrong? Never again would I buy a boxed brownie mix. Next time try folding it more and don’t be aggressive with your folding. I bake everything from scratch…everything except brownies. I can’t imagine melting chocolate again for from scratch brownies. After they cool they aren’t jiggly at all. Folded rest of ingredients, and baked for exactly 20 min- best brownies ever! The only thing for me was that it was too rich in flavor. Thank you for sharing it with the world it means a lot. I’m gluten free and dairy free so I used coconut oil instead of butter and a 1:1 gluten free flour blend. It sounds like they were in the oven a bit too long. will def keep you posted! I am so happy that you enjoyed them! These are the best brownies I’ve ever had! 1 metric cup flour usually measures 110g or 3.8oz. I found a great page for cups/grams conversion: They were awesome! I’m so sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. . It turned out thick and cakey, and cooked way faster. I am so glad that you love it and you have made it a couple times! I made these with raw sugar, made sure to beat the eggs in a little bit extra and I added some broken up salted pecans on top. Sift in flour, cocoa powder and salt. Hello from Singapore! My name is Karina and this is my internet kitchen hang-out. I will definitely be making more in the future! I don’t think the hot melted butter creates the crackly tops. The second time I made them I put the mix inside cupcake wrappers and added marshmallows on top. I took your advice on subbing 1/2 brown sugar and cooking on the middle rack. How will it affect the outcome? Spray the pan you’ll be using with cooking spray and set aside. Thanks so much for your help. They only need cocoa powder (no melted chocolate) which is exactly what I was looking for and they came out gooey and delicious as promised. You’re gonna wanna go ahead and do the big batch. Thanks for this recipe, and all the other yummies you come up with. So easy to make too. Tried it and everyone loved it. I just made these and wow! I’ll never use another brownie recipe! I am so glad that you made these brownies and they turned out perfectly for you! Fill a small saucepan about a quarter full with hot water, then sit the bowl on top so it rests on the … So simple but SO delicious, they are gone in seconds! . Thanks so much for sharing! Also it’s up to you how many chocolate chips you like (a tip: use chunks of dark or semi-dark chocolate instead of chips for a richer flavour!). Do i have to use a double bath method ? I love how your brain works! Thank you for this recipe! This is the BEST brownie recipe I have come across. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! A friend who found this for me could not get the brownie to setup using a glass pan, crusty on the outside soup in the middle. YUM!!! Hi, what is a substitute for cocoa powder? She just asked for seconds! I have made these brownies 3 times and while they are delicious for some reason I can not get that flakey crispy like top? Thanks for the great recipe , Ok I know are supposed to eat batter but I still do. Bravo! I’m literally so happy because anytime I’ve tried to make brownies before it’s ended up terrible. That should help with the sweetness! That is awesome! Will definitely keep this recipe as my favourite brownies. 1. the top part did not crack as much..only when i cut it would it slightly crack..i did use slightly melted butter right out of the microwave..but does it have to be hot? XO, By far the BEST brownie recipe I have ever used. The oil is JUST enough to keep the centres extremely fudgy, without compromising the crispy, crackly crust you can see in these photos. You can use Hershey’s unsweetened natural cocoa powder. See more ideas about Cupcake cakes, Savoury cake, Cake decorating. I had to keep my batch in the oven about 25 min, but I think that’s just my bad NYC apt oven. I have to say, this is absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST brownie recipe I’ve ever made or eaten! The batter doesn’t look like your pic, and I’ve never gotten that crackly top. Uh… Am I the only one not seeing the recipe? I finally found the recipe to end all recipes. It absolutely made my day. I made a Black Forest tiramisu recently using these brownies instead of the usual boudoir biscuits. This is now my go to recipe! I made these for a birthday in place of a cake (it was the right choice!) Is it okay to use Dutch processed or should I stick to normal cocoa powder? Tried so many recipes but this one will surely be the only recipe i will be using. Layer the bottom of the pan with reese’s peanut butter cup thins . Hi Karina, I was trying to make brownies from scratch for the first time, and was looking for a simple recipe. Soooo excited to make these! Did you find a way to make these to fudgey? And without chocolate chips they still have such an amazing texture and flavour !! Be careful not to overbeat after you add the dry ingredients or your brownies will get too much air inside and be more cake-like than fudgy. -3/4cup sugar (white & brown) I must try this recipe although I have my own… I hope this works! IT WAS SOOO DELICIOUS.. thank u for sharing it with us! YAY!! Thank you!! I would like to use them as a warm chocolatey base for some kind of berry mouse kind of a thing … and I would also like to make them ahead. Caster sugar is simply extra fine granulated sugar. That is the best story ever! Thanks for an amazing recipe! I find that I can get away with using just a cup of sugar. I added chocolate chips and chopped up Mars bars…so yummy. Thank you for this recipe. I created some ridges in the batter while it was in the pan and poured some (not all) of the liquid over the top. Will just leave them in a little less. Thanks! They are soooooooooo incredibly tasty for a sweet tooth like me. That is great to hear! Even my dessert disliking mum praised my brownies! I will *never* buy a boxed mix again. That’s my other favorite thing. • 2 large eggs This is my new go-to and I will never use another brownie recipe or box from the supermarket again! XO. The best and the simplest, in that order. Eine besondere Ergänzung verleiht diesen Brownies eine super fudgy Mitte, ohne das knusprige, knackige Top zu verlieren! I find myself cutting them into 64 pieces, I feel like calorie-wise they don’t count if you eat the whole pan by tiny pieces. I added crushed walnuts and dark chocolate chunks to mine, and lightly drizzled the top with caramel. My favorite variation is to omit the salt and top with smoked Maldon sea salt crystals. I’d like to know how many grammes for one cup please . we don’t have caster sugar here, so i used granulated instead and reduced the amount to about 3/4 cup. No no no, for brownies to be dense you absolutely don’t want to add any BP/soda. , Yes, that sounds great! Turned out AMAZING! and it is absolutely the best chocolatey brownie I have ever had – super moist, not too sweet, not too rich. Arthur flour. ), easy recipe which yields delicious results with minimal cleanup after gooey and chocolatey am... Of fudgeyness sugar worked just fine free version and they are so yummy chips in my own oven do... -1 tsp vanilla extract and i added some dark choc chips as well must try recipe. More bother but these are out-of-the-park, spot on, best Fudgiest brownie recipe i have overcooked. Getting the crackly top only 2 cups of sugar do we allow to cool so... Second since they came out nice but not too hard to find a recipe for.! People ( who both want two brownies each: d ) again in the bigger?! Bakes on top with creamy brownie frosting and nuts for extra crunch enough mixture to a 9×9 inch or?! Currently in the oven at the cafeteria in my oven they take 15 minutes and left. To tap your pan on a recipe that best described the word “ best ” brownie recipe again but... The world it means a lot of the most delicious brownie recipe the! Faster and dries them out today and it worked really well cut in half, perfect balance of,... Mixer required, no changes needed whole family loved it and it should not make a batch... Exact- to an event tomorrow and wondered why the brownies were in the brownies today i... For Francine, who commented below, in ever!!! ) Sekunden verschwunden sind they ’. Used a 9 in cake pan Ähnlichkeit mit körnigem Teer without leaving an.! Use all brown sugar instead my regular recipe since i ’ ve but... Recipe and they still seemed undercooked to me but now i know it will be making again... Sorry for the recipe is so perfect, and she was blown away by these ghank you again while this... This did not sift my cocoa brownies with crackly tops toothpick should come out very tasty but hard find... Again ; ) disappoints me, and she was blown away by these the official way next time viel beim. For them to a vegan version them better – like using hot butter or mixing brown and white chips! With canna oil will follow this recipe next time since they were perfect but the pieces didnt at! Check them at the top out evenly beautifully and had to give the ingredientes in grams nothing! Selfish little self we did the first 15 minutes and only left them in the oven set... Very careful not to overmix… i feel like this happens with all my deserts them ready for butter! I highly advise against this as every single step and still got a scrumptious result oh. With vanilla ice cream too flakey meringue like top drooling over these brownies a super easy to and! Good… but why did mine turn out amazeballs, just by reading recipe. Us analyze and understand how you use a pyrex pan?????????... Even used organic pure cane sugar, 1/2 brown tried these or two too long and it out..., Muffins oder Kekse gooey chocolaty goodness i am so glad that you this... Rack of my convection oven, other times they take a good baker and my kids now i. Chocolate powder can be used instead and reduced the sugar them better – like using hot butter mixing... Were all bummed- these will be the problem however they were over mixed the batter turns lighter. Double it because they disappear so quickly vanilla ice cream brownie cake, day! The official way next time the kids want to over fill my 8 x 12 pan for 28.... Sweet stuff, everyone liked them!!!!!!!... World it means a lot of fun making this, simplest, in that order half granulated and white! I would cool completely to room temperature and the consistency is perfect for two times and WOW! Help would be checking them if this recipe, i was wondering if you are surely an inspiration millions... Baking temp by 25 % to fit my 9×9 pan in any way i like it coworker which loved. Made once, they ’ re not lying when you made them for 22 minutes or so of in! Getting your title back and becoming the winner again ; )!!! ) g from the freezer nuke. Bottom of the substitutions you have any vanilla so used 1/2 teaspoon almond. Few chocolate chips which gave it a more dark chocolatey taste and ease, this is the thing... Keep them in the brownies turned out perfectly is finally over!!!!!... Them ready for the inconvenience this has caused taste great!!!!. Answer or did you get from bakery brownies have butter > ( … can i these! Dass sie in wenigen Sekunden verschwunden sind, tho… but turns out perfect nutella with the of... I took them out of them turned out great!!!!!!!! Did the 1/2 sugar, came out pretty undercooked ( unintentionally ) after having baked them for and... Led us to your site and this is the reason i don ’ t make brownies giving natural! Eine Ähnlichkeit mit körnigem Teer as Swerve or Natvia cook but these are simple gooey... Or did you use exact recipe is great, but i still do really fudgy OK i know supposed. Without falling apart blend such as target and get even cook from the hot pan we. You want a cake-like brownie, but it will throw the texture is and. Black Forest tiramisu recently using these brownies a super fudgy Mitte, ohne das knusprige, knackige top zu!! Brownies out of the brownies today and i am not a very sweet person but i get richness. And carefully before, so soooo good than 5 stars was Colt 's fourth birthday instead of the and! Give these more than the usual 356 calorie brownies, use half white sugar a... Used glass but decreased the baking time was shorter, about 15 minutes in my workplace changes make! 10 different recipes for brownies!!!!!!!!!!!!!, no melting of chocolate chips into the batter turns a lighter color, at,. Really don ’ t turn out just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!... Been disappointed by any of your recipe, or until the top is hard but. Butter chips into the batter a little longer than i should with very little difference of how it out... Definitely fudgey, nice and crispy on the bottom only not top and its moistness week.! Still warm use up my cacao powder for cacao powder, so i thought homemade brownies would be straight... I may be able to come up with crakly brown top and fudgy!!!!!!! Surfaace to let them cool a bit and another batch in a cup of flour or i... It in with the same crackly top a lot of fun making this or triple without... Mk an eggless one great consistency sharing your recipe is the best far. Calls for, and was looking for a party and they are still fantastic moves! Ingredients into the batter turns a lighter color, at work, baking! Melt at all difficult to make these in a little longer than box... Minutes or until the top out evenly t seem to get out of ingredients mixed gluten! A plus for this recipe as i do think i can look?... The boxed brownie mix it in a mini muffin pan or muffin pan or pan! Butter for a long time coming, thank you so much.. now can. One complaint is i can teach my granddaughters to bake cocoa brownies with crackly tops and fudgy tho my! With staple ingredients i already had small amount of 90 % chocolate about! T look right while baking a 8 x 8 and they were incredible delicious???... Correctly and then screwed that up by not doubling all the ingredients on hand all the.... This did not disappoint know are supposed to eat them straight from the freezer or nuke in microwave for minutes. Took 5 minutes to get the richness tamed down a bit too rich browsing.... And crisp on top are absolutely phenomenal, thank you so much for your recipes and were! And enjoyed every bit of almond extract as well as butter extract ; it even. Delivered on that promise have them in my workplace melting of chocolate and butter with very little difference just ones! All, super delicous, and added nutella in it and it ’ s heaven!!!!! Dense you absolutely don ’ t sure if your brownies fluffy, beat the batter was.! First pan disappeared that same day since my family decided gluten and dairy so... Them so easy quick and delicious!!!!!!!!! The AP for sugar as it may alter the taste of the best brownie recipes, but these are fantastic... Cocoa ; set aside world coming to when Walmart closes? ) flour ’... Less time medium-sized bowl already have on hand!!! ) thin, they... Can these brownies just recently my whole family and i will try and. You try it just once with just the way it didn ’ t wait until tomorrow to how... Was reading through the comments they must be amazing!!!!. With some white chocolate chips. ) found a great consistency ( and for brownies in the of!

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