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We have the chicken breeds that are for meat. Desi chicken are not specific breed, they are domesticated form of jungle fowl which is native bird of sub-continent. Tel. Aug 18, 2015 #2 Izhar In the Brooder. Body weight, serum total protein and calcium levels of these chicks were evaluated on day 0 and 15. Any breed may technically be used for general agricultural purposes, and all breeds are shown to some degree. To examine the effect of male:female ratio on the fertility and hatchability of eggs and chicks livability in Fayoumi layers, three groups were managed where each of 8, 9 and 10 hens were offered 1 cock for mating. For sensory evaluation, another sample of … For quality analysis, 10 eggs from each chicken genotype were randomly collected and subjected to egg quality analysis. Can any one from Pakistan tell difference Between Desi & Misri Chicken? under test poultry from 20th to 40th weeks of age. Pakistan J. They have been present in the West since at least the 1940s, when they were imported from Egypt by an Iowa State University Dean of Agriculture. The all internal egg quality parameters were significantly higher in RIR than Fayoumi and Desi breeds except shell and yolk thickness. 2005. Fayoumi chickens attain sexual maturity at 150 days and produced 159.9± 10.7 eggs in a year. The age of sexual maturity was lowest in Fayoumi followed by RIR and Desi. (1996) A comparative study on growth and laying behaviour of Desi, Fayoumi and Rod Island Red breeds of chicken maintained under local environmental conditions of Rawalpindi Pakistan. JS. Abstract English; Dokki and Fayoumi hens were studied for their egg production and feed consumption features. Details for: Quality, Nutritional And Organoleptic Evaluation Of Eggs From Different Chicken Genotypes In Pakistan; Normal view MARC view ISBD view. Study was carried out at the Poultry Experimental Station, Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam during 2005. Wing veins were used to among Fayoumi chickens at a Government poultry farm in Pakistan. Buyer from Pakistan. Predominance and detection of different Eimeria species causing coccidiosis in layer chickens. Previously, no such studies have been conducted on a large scale in backyard chickens in Pakistan; however, a ... (parasite genera), Naked Neck, Aseel, Fayoumi (chicken breeds), fully open, partially closed (coop type), Scavengers (feeding type). 93. Received for publication: 3 October 2012. Rhode Island Red (RIR) and Fayoumi chickens were evaluated on-station in a college farm and on-farm in village farms, whereas local chickens were only tested under on-farm condition. There are hundreds of chicken breeds in existence. Pakistan, Phone and Fax: +92 41 782 727; E-mail: ahmeddinanjum@hotmail.com ISSN 0372-5480 Printed in Croatia Effect of sulphur on blood picture of Fayoumi chickens Maqsood Alam, and Ahmeddin Anjum* Department of Veterinary Pathology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan ALAM, M., A. ANJUM: Effect of sulphur on blood picture of Fayoumi chickens. Modern domestic chickens all descended from one of the four known species of jungle fowl or Gallus habituating areas of Southeast Asia, around 50 million years ago. After 12 ... Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many other countries because of its high profitability with low cost. Fayoumi Chickens are hardy and very precocious in early maturing. Results showed no difference among breeds for egg geometry and shell quality parameter, however, egg specific gravity was significantly higher in Fayoumi chicken. There were typical gross and histopathological lesions, and the disease was reproduced experimentally in 3-week-old chicks by inoculating infected cloacal bursae collected from the outbreak. Of the chicks, in control house study, randomly selected 5 Deshi and 10 Fayoumi day-old chicks were sacrificed to collect blood samples at day 0. Bachaya HA, Raza MA, Khan MN, Iqbal Z, Abbas RZ, Murtaza S, Badar N. 2012. Quality, Nutritional And Organoleptic Evaluation Of Eggs From Different Chicken Genotypes In Pakistan By: Sumera Musarrat (2010-VA-319) | Dr. Jibran Hussain. Body weight was measured from all chicks at day 0 and 15. Aug 18, 2015 1 0 29 Karachi, Pakistan. Ibrahim2 and A.M. Okeyo2 Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan ABSTRACT. This study aimed to assess the biochemical parameters of household chickens at crop and blood levels and measure the body weight. In second phase, the performance of RIR and Fayoumi chickens were examined with their reciprocal crossbred chicks. Many people are worried about hormones in our foods, therefore decided to raise their own food.If you want to follow their lead, these are the chickens to raise. Vet. 23, 51-52. E. The Tillahee breed of chicken was imported from Iran. 2. 1. Prevalence of coccidiosis in broiler chickens in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The breast and thigh meat composition was found non-significant (p 0.05) amongst three breeds. This study was conducted with the aim of comparing the quality and sensory attributes of eggs from different chicken genotypes in Pakistan (Fayoumi, White Leghorn, Aseel, Rhode Island Red, Naked Neck, and White Plymouth Rock). arhiv 73, 39-46, 2003. Pakistan Veterinary Journal; A comparison of production potential and egg characteristics of birds of Lyallpur Silver Black (LSB). Ninety nine birds, 33 from each breed (30 females and 3 males), were used as experimental birds. Effect of Vitamin-C supplementation on the performance of desi, fayoumi and commercial white leghorn chicken exposed to heat stress. +92.051.9290165 – Fax: +92.051.9290171. Chicken production is an important sub-sector of agriculture in Pakistan and plays a pivotal role in rural economic development. The RIR chickens had highest egg production followed by Fayoumi and Desi chickens. Effect of supplementing limiting amino acid on the Biological value of Rapeseed meal in layer chicks. and SAHOTA, A.W. Pakistan Vet. The humoral immune response to Pasteurella multocida bacterin was depressed in infected chickens. The Cornish Cross is the preferred when picking a chicken for meat. Yousaf, H., S. H. Khan & T. Ahmad. Fayoumis are a very old breed in their native region, and are named for the Faiyum Governorate southwest of Cairo and west of the Nile. The estimated number of commercial chickens in the country in 2017 was 1,022 million birds with production of 17,083 million eggs and 1,270,000 tons of meat, providing direct and indirect employment to over 1.5 million people (1, 2). 3. But each chicken breed is known for a … Booking Started for our next hatch of Austrolorp, RIR, Fayoumi Chicks, next hatch due on 29 March and 7 April, Call 03084300082 for details. Commodities. The local Desi chicken was the most numerous breed, followed by Fayoumi, Rhode Island Red and White Leghorn (Table 2). Contributor(s): Mr. Faisal Hussnain | Prof. Dr. Khalid Javed. Corresponding author: Dr. Sohail Hassan Khan, Poultry Research Institute, Murree Road, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. breed of chicken is an ancient breed and originated in Fayoum, Egypt. Hatchability and mortality rate is 63.5 and 7.2%, respectively. J. View Company. Khan1, M.S. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 22(3), 597–600. Arid Agric. Rate Austrolorp 50...-100 Chicks: Rs 110/ Chick Austrolorp 100-1000 Chicks: Rs 100/Chick RIR: 50-100 Chicks: Rs 85/Chick RIR: 100-1000 Chicks: Rs 75/Chick Fayoumi: 50-100 Chicks: Rs 75/ Chick Desi and Fayoumi chicks had lowest (pB0.05) mortality than RIR breed. Traits recorded are egg production and egg quality, body weight and feed efficiency at 4, 8 and 12 months of age. The egg weight and egg mass were highest … Chickens became very important to early Egyptian, Greek and Roman farmers and continue to be an important source of food in today’s economies. Pakistan Veterinary Journal 16: 26-30. E-mail: sohailhassan64@gmail.com Key words: Crossbred chickens, Egg production, Egg characteristics, Blood parameters. Domesticated for thousands of years, distinguishable breeds of chicken have been present since the combined factors of geographical isolation and selection for desired characteristics created regional types with … Fayoumi (FAY) and Rhode Island Red (RIR) breeds was conducted. F. The . ... Due to COVID-19 pandemic, if we miss your call, please leave us a detailed voicemail and we will call you back ASAP. Rehman1, M.N.M. The categories in group 2 were Chobara tehsil, adult, male, mixed parasite genera, Desi breed, fully closed coop type and feeders chicken. All chickens lay eggs, have edible meat, and possess a unique appearance.However, distinct breeds are the result of selective breeding to emphasize certain traits. Fayoumi chick was higher than that of Sonali, though it did not vary significantly (χ2 = 1.317, df = 1, p > 0.05). This study was conducted with the aim of comparing the quality and sensory attributes of eggs from different chicken genotypes in Pakistan (Fayoumi, White Leghorn, Aseel, Rhode Island Red, Naked Neck, and White Plymouth Rock). The Fayoumi is a breed of chicken originating in Egypt. They are primarily raised for their egg production. Farmers can easily rear this breed both in intensive and scavenging systems and they like it because of its bright color. For this purpose, 350 Deshi (local) and 27 Fayoumi day old chicks were reared in 2 separate brooders within a house for 15 days. Fayoumi . Subjects: Chickens. Introduction. Flock Composition and Pattern of Entry and Exit of Village Chickens in Punjab (Pakistan) S. Sadef*, M.S. Pakistan Vet. Feed consumption of 101.67 and 105.4 gram per day per Dokki and Fayoumi hens bird was observed in the . In albumen quality, Rhode Island Red eggs showed highest albumen percentage, while Haugh unit score was best in eggs of Aseel, Fayoumi, Naked neck and Rhode Island Red as compa red to other breeds. BHATTI, B.M. Body weight of chicken was taken repeatedly during the household study at 60, 120 and 180 days. Pakistan Veterinary Journal. The highest egg production was obtained by RIR with 41% followed by Fayoumi (36%) and the Desi breed (29%). Their primary purpose is egg production. 1. Desi and crossbred (Rhode Island Red X Fayoumi) chickens Abdul Rashid, Sohail Hassan Khan, Ghulam Abbas, Muhammad Yasin Amer, Muhammad Jameel Ahmad Khan and Naveed Iftikhar Poultry Research Institute, Murree Road, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan Corresponding author: email:sohailhassan64@gmail.com Received: 10-02-2013, Revised: 09-03-2013, Accepted: 11-03-2013, … 25 (4): 163-166. J., 25(4): 2005 EFFECT OF VITAMIN C SUPPLEMENTATION ON THE PERFORMANCE OF DESI, FAYOUMI AND COMMERCIAL WHITE LEGHORN CHICKEN EXPOSED TO HEAT STRESS S. H. Khan and R. Sardar Poultry Research Institute, Punjab, Murree Road, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi,46300, Pakistan ABSTRACT Sixty layers (50 weeks of age) each of native Desi, Fayoumi and commercial White Leghorn (Nick Chick… Meat Breeds. For quality analysis, 10 eggs from each chicken genotype were randomly collected and subjected to egg quality analysis. In Dokki breed, the total egg production was recorded as 47.2% and average number of egg per hen was 66.2%. two-way reciprocal crosses of RIR and Fayoumi chickens.

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